"Who wants to be on the force anyway? I ​am so​ strong, and I understand lots!"

Truffle is determined to prove that he is as strong and helpful as his brothers. He might not be cut out for the police force, but he helps people in need every day using his expertise & instincts to prevents disasters.

Also, Truffle is a guide dog.

This lighthearted and endearingly sweet comedy will brighten up your day, showing you the adorably different ways that dogs see the world, and even lead you into an adventure involving danger, intrigue, and a bag of letters. Click the button below to download.

About the Author & Performer - Louise Jones

Louise Jones is a writer and critic, with her work mostly focused in theatre and comedy reviews. She can be found in Fest, A Younger Theatre and Exeunt, as well as her own blog An [insert here] for Christmas, where she reviews seasonal TV films and rates them based on their awkward hilariousness. It was nominated for a UK blog award in 2016. Her comedy writing includes a pantomime of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and she performs as part of the Doctor Who improvised parody show Any Suggestions Doctor, An Improvised Adventure in Space & Time