The Merchant Adventurer's Tales

"I've had plenty of adventures in my time, barkeep!"

On a cold, blustery night a traveller bursts into a tavern and, looking for a free drink, tries to charm the barman with the amazing stories of his life. Exploring three particularly dangerous and saucy adventures, we learn about his shipwreck on the Burning Cove, venture into the deepest, darkest Congo on a trip to The Forbidden Temple before solving the mystery of The Blood Red Hand.

How did our intrepid adventurer survive? What happened to his nemesis, the pirate queen Kate O’Kelly? Will he get his free drink? This comedy adventure is full of swashbuckling, mystery and action.

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About the Author & Performer - Lewis Dunn

Lewis Dunn is a writer, stand-up comedian and occasional actor, who loves to produce original comedy. His work has a broad range, from his blisteringly arrogant stand-up persona Stanley Brooks (runner up in Leicester Square new Comedian Awards and featured on BBC Radio 4Extra) to his work as producer for both this podcast and the improvised Doctor Who show Any Suggestions, Doctor? An Improvised Adventure in Space & Time, which he also performs in.