Random Actress Memory

"I do like attention, and once I get the itch, I can’t help but scratch it."

A celebrated comedian and actor joins us in the studio to record the sixth chapter of her no-doubt soon to be bestselling memoir, recounting her childhood and the journey to her inevitable stardom. We learn all about her embarrassing school days, her years in the wilderness of trying to become an actor and finally how she got her big break. Secrets are unearthed, and we discover that if you want to get up the ladder of success, sometimes you have to make your own rungs.

A witty and sharp comedy, this monologue may make you look at people on TV and Radio in a new light, and show that charm might be a smokescreen to something more sinister. Click below to download now:

About the Author - Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood is a BBC and Guardian award-nominated writer based in London. As well as the radio sitcom Trimble (for which he was nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award) and contributing to BBC Radio 4’s Newsjack, he also wrote and composed the officially licensed musical parody of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room which toured the UK in 2015. During the day he also works in the head office of a high street bookshop chain organizing their author events, which may or may not have inspired his contribution to Presented in Mono. 


About the Performer - Caitlin Powell

Caitlin is a ’flamboyantly furious’ stand-up comedian and performer. Since starting her comedy career she has reached the Chortle Student Comedian of the Year semi-finals in 2016, the Final of Harrogate Comedian of the Year 2016 and became Burning Duck’s Student Comedian of the Year in 2017.