Felicity Thunderbasterd and the Mystery of the Murder

“Your old partner has requested early retirement, so I’m going to have to partner you up with Felicity Thunderbasterd”

Officer Sam Drudge didn’t know what to expect when he went to work that day, but if he’d expected a murder case then he wouldn’t have been surprised. Given a chance to prove himself to his despondent captain, Sam is placed into the care of Murdershire’s most notorious detective, Felicity Thunderbasterd. With her rule breaking attitude and reckless driving style she’s as much a threat to Sam as any murderer, but she always gets results.

A breakneck comedy packed to the brim with jokes and a fiendishly clever murder mystery to boot, Felicity Thunderbasterd and the Mystery of the Murder will have you howling and gasping in equal measure. Click below to download:

About the Author - Michael James

Michael James is a comedy writer and performer who is also technically a full time software developer. He has performed stand up and theatre at a wide range of venues from the National Theatre to underneath Edinburgh pubs, and has written for various live sketch shows. During university, Michael began a dedication to writing comic plays, including a full length musical and a dark interpretation of Deal or No Deal in the style of Slumdog Millionaire. Michael is now focusing on producing a collection of short stories, and is excited to be working with Presented in Mono.

About the Performer - Zack Sizer

Zack started acting at the age of 11 when he was painted green from head to toe in order to play the Genie in a local pantomime of Aladdin. Since then he has performed in numerous amateur dramatic plays and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival three times, twice with the University of York’s improvised comedy troupe, The Shambles, and once with the hit parody musical, The Room: The Musical.